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Business Services

Direct Deposit Election

Employment Form (CCPS)

SSA Form
(Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not covered by Social Security )

Verification of Work Experience - (Certified Employees)

Verification of Work Experience - (Non-Cerified Employees)

TRS Forms

Verification of Employment Request Form

Statement for Employment Verification Process

Discretionary Professional Release Days

Payroll Department Request Form
Employees should submit this form
to request copies of paychecks or
W-2 forms submitted previously

Single Page         Multiple Page

Single Page - School Nutrition Only

Leave Request Form

G-4 Form
Georgia Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

W-4 Form
Federal Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate


Media Release Submission Form

Students' Media Release Opt-Out Form

Human Resources

Investigative Form

Substitute Teacher:

The Substitute Teacher Application Procedure
How To Re-apply:  Instructions & Form
SubFinder Information and Payroll Forms

Dependent Student Certification Form

Discontinuation of Health Benefit Coverage Form

Membership (Health Insurance Change Form)

Non-Tobacco Users Affidavit Form

Spousal Surcharge Affidavit

I-9 Form

Employee Records Request Form

International Center

Interpreter Request Form - During School Hours

Interpreter Request Form - After School Hours

CCPS Internal Multilingual Forms & Documents


Information and Forms



Interschool Transportation Letter

Special Permission for Alternative Bus Stop Location / Shuttle Location ( Request will be reviewed after September 3, 2012 )

Volunteer Forms

CCPS Volunteer Interest Form (In Spanish)

Clayton County Police Department Criminal History Consent Form
 (please note:  all lines on this form must be completed, including having the form notarized. School bookkeepers may be able to assist with this process.)
(In Spanish)




Bus Stop Info

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