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Charlton L Bivins - Board Vice-Chair

District Nine
Four Year Term: January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2014

Charlton L Bivins was elected to Clayton County Board of Education in December 2008 to represent District 9. He was sworn in January 2009 to fill the vacant seat. Mr. Bivins was elected to serve as Board Vice-Chair in January 2011.

Charlton L Bivins is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and the son of Charles Bivins who was known as the first black Atlantan to play in the NFL (Chicago Bears) as well as the recorded second fastest man in the world in the 1960 Olympic trial only to be beat by the great Bob Hayes. As a youth, Charlton was a positive influence to both his school and his community. This was accomplished by his character and his academic, civic and athletic prowess in the Atlanta area. He was a born leader which was exemplified in his role in student government and captains of his athletic squads. Mr. Bivins left Atlanta for post secondary academic work at Tulane University in New Orleans with additional studies from Georgia State University.

A career in law enforcement began in 1989, whereby he rose in ranks and presently commands the Juvenile, Traffic and Magistrate Court system in DeKalb County. Aside from his civil duty as a law enforcer he is recognized by his civic duties in his community. He has been a 20 year parks and recreation coach at various parks such as Forest Park, Morrow Lake City, Jonesboro, and Rex Park.

Upon completion of his volunteerism in the parks and recreation system, he took on the community issue of "Clayton County Accreditation". He is past Chairman and one of 8 founding members of C-4 Concerned Citizens of Clayton County Inc. While chairman of C-4 , he orchestrated the largest educational town hall meeting in the history of Clayton County with over 800 citizens learning about their school district and the impact of the loss of accreditation.

His work and organization's efforts were recognized as an influential part of SACS and their decision to reaccredit our school district. SACS/CASI President Mark Elgart stated that, "C-4 Inc. served as a barometer of the community's tie with the school district."

This catapulted him into his present position as the 9th District Board of Education Representative. Since being elected to the Clayton Co. Board of Education, Mr. Bivins has tried to keep the community involved with the school district through involvement in initiatives such as "500 Men Standing in the Gap" (Male/Fatherhood Initiative), The Archway Project (Community based Initiative), and the Clayton Action Nexus ( School/Student Safety Initiative).

His advocacy and concern for the district has been recognized by the Clayton County Council of PTA's and the school district in various awards received since taking office. His philosophy is that, "the heartbeat of a community, state or nation rest in the education of its children. The progress of society starts with the A, B, and C's…"

Mr. Bivins has three children that are or were a part of the Clayton County Public School System.




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