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Severe Weather and Emergency Information

Severe Weather Information
Updated March 3, 2010

Clayton County Schools are Operating on a
Regular Schedule

(Click here for school closing message formats)

Listen to the media outlets listed below for updated information concerning
future closings or reactions to severe weather events by the school district in Clayton County.

Emergency Information

In case of emergency, your child may be sheltered or evacuated from school.
If such protective actions are being taken at your child's school,
DO NOT go to the school or call the school.

To receive updated information on the emergency situation and to receive instructions on where and when to pick your child, listen to local radio and television stations.

Official Reporting Media List

Official School Closing Messages

Weather information
The Weather Channel

School closing information resources
WXIA-TV, 11 Alive
WGCL-TV, Channel 46
WSB-TV, Channel 2
WAGA-TV, Channel 5 (FOX)

Find out the local weather at any of our school weather sites:


The Decision to Close Schools

The superintendent makes the final decision whether to close school for the day due to severe weather.

The primary concern when considering closing school is student and employee safety. The superintendent bases the decision on road conditions, forecasts, and other safety concerns. This information is provided by the school system's Transportation Department, the Clayton County Police Department, the Georgia State Patrol, and other agencies.

The superintendent may decide to close schools for the day or to delay the starting time to allow conditions to improve.

If school is closed for the day, the Evening High School is also closed, and extra-curricular activities and after-school programs for that day are canceled.

Alternate Plans

Parents should plan ahead for alternative child care arrangements if school is closed. When schools are closed early, buses will run their regular routes at the earlier time. Parents should make plans to have a responsible adult available to pick up car-riders and walkers. Students will only be allowed to leave with adults whom their parents or guardians have previously designated.


Getting Out the Message

If inclement weather conditions exist before the school day begins, the superintendent usually decides by 6 a.m. to close or delay opening.

When the decision is made to close schools, school system officials contact local television and radio stations. The stations usually being broadcasting school closings beginning at 6:15 a.m.

If severe weather arises during the day, parents or guardians should monitor the local radio and television stations for possible early closing.

All schools are linked by FM radio to the Civil Defense network to monitor emergency broadcasts. Emergency plans are in place to protect students and staff in case of unsafe weather such as tornadoes or heavy thunderstorms. Safe areas have been identified at each school where students and staff will be sheltered in event of tornado or other severe weather warning. Students in modular units are moved to permanent buildings when winds exceed 40 mph.

Make-up Days

Georgia law allows school systems to cancel up to four days of school for severe weather without requiring make-up days. In the unlikely event that school is canceled more than four days, the Board of Education will set make-up days as needed.

For more information:

When the weather is threatening, be sure to listen to the local television and radio stations for announcements.


If the weather looks threatening or you hear reports of approaching bad weather, tune into one of the stations listed on this page for information.

If the media announces that Clayton County Public Schools are closed, do not send your child to school.

If no announcement is made concerning school closing prior to 6:45 a.m., classes will most likely begin as scheduled.

If schools are forced to close early due to mid-day storms, announcements will be made through the listed media and students will be released early.

If you child rides a bus, he or she will be transported to the usual bus stop site.

If no one will be home to receive and supervise your child when there is an emergency dismissal, please arrange shelter at a neighbor's home within walking distance of the bus stop or for another family member to meet your child at his or her bus stop.

Official Reporting Media include, but may not be limited to the following metro Atlanta outlets



WSB-TV, Channel 2 (ABC)

WSB-AM, 750 AM

WAGA-TV, Channel 5 (FOX)

WSB-FM, B98.5 FM

WXIA-TV, Channel 11 (NBC)


WGCL-TV, Channel 46 (CBS)

WMXV-FM, 105.7 FM

WSTR-FM, Star 94, 94.1 FM

WKHX-FM, Kicks101, 101.5 FM

WVEE-FM, V103, 103.5 FM

WPCH-FM, Peach 94.9 FM

WKLS-FM, 96 Rock, 96.1 FM


WAMJ-FM, 107.5 FM

WZGC-FM, Z 93, 92.9 FM


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Clayton County Public Schools will communicate its decision to close schools in one of these official school closing message formats:


Clayton County Schools Closed
If this is the only statement, NO employees or students are to report to schools or work.

Clayton County Schools Closed, All Employees Report
This message includes all personnel, EXCEPT lunchroom workers and school bus drivers.

Clayton County Schools Closed, All 12-Month Employees Report
A specific time to report may accompany this announcement.

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