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Use of Facilities
Clayton County Public Schools Facility Use Contract 
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How to Rent a Clayton County Public School Facility

Please review the "Terms and Conditions" and "Help Completing The Facility Use Contract" prior to submitting your application. This will result in fewer delays in securing the use of school facilities.
To complete the school facility use application please perform the following steps:
Step 1 - Contact the Building Administrator at the desired facility to determine availability.
Step 2 - Complete and sign a contract (keeping a copy for your records) and submit to Building Administrator. Contact the CCPS Athletic Director at 770 473-2845 for all stadium requests.
Step 3 - Your contract will be submitted to the Area Superintendent, Safety & Security and the Maintenance Department.
Step 4 - Provide payment (Cashier's Check or Postal Money Order Payable to Clayton County Public Schools) to the Building Administrator. Due 48 hours prior to event date.
Step 5 - Provide certificate of insurance to the Building Administrator. Due 48 hours prior to event date.
Step 6 - The Maintenance Department will email the approved contract to all departments.
Step 7 - The Building Administrator will be your contact upon approval or denial of contract.
Note: Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing. All incomplete contracts will NOT be processed and will be returned to the Principal/Building Administrator or designee.


Approval Process
CCPS Price List
CCPS Regulations
Facility Use Contract 
Help Completing Facility Use Contract (Presentation)
Map of Facilities
Performing Arts Center Rentals
PLC Price List and Contract Addendum
Stadium Rentals
Terms and Conditions

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Insurance Requirements

Prior to using school facilities, groups not directly related to the school program must provide a certificate of insurance indicating liability coverage in the amount of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence general aggregate. This certificate must reflect Clayton County Public Schools as the certificate holder and as an additional insured for the duration of the group's use of the facility as specified above. For sports related activities, the certificate must state that no "athletic participants" are excluded on the liability insurance. An insurance agent of your choice can provide this coverage.

Note: If the certificate of insurance is not received 48 hours prior to the event date the contract will be denied.

Payment Method

Cashier's check or postal money order are acceptable ways to make payment. Payments should be made payable to Clayton County Public Schools and remitted to the facility being rented. At this time credit card payments and personal checks are not accepted.

Note: If payment is not received 48 hours prior to the event date the contract will be denied.