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Roles and Responsibilities - Principal

The principal, as the instructional leader of the school, facilitates the process through which instructional and media personnel cooperatively plan and implement the educational program to meet learner needs.  This process combines the media and instructional programs as the school community moves toward common goals.  In this role, the principal:

  • assures implementation of state and system policies and procedures;

  • reviews building-level media policies and procedures;

  • encourages teachers to incorporate media services into the instructional program;

  • interprets the building media program to the superintendent, parents and the lay community;

  • recommends qualified, service-oriented media personnel for employment;

  • provides opportunities to personnel to continue professional growth;

  • ensures that state allocated media funds are spend according to state law;

  • confers with the media coordinator in evaluating the media program;

  • ensures appropriate evaluation of the media program and of the media specialist;

  • establishes a working relationship with the media coordinator where applicable;

  • appoints the building media committee;

  • meets regularly with the building media committee;

  • assures flexible scheduling for the media center in order to provide student access at the time of instructional need;

  • provides time for, and encourages, teacher/media specialist planning;

  • support use of and provides media support personnel to assure routine, essential media services when available;

  • encourages professional staff to be involved in the selection of new media and technology;

  • supports and encourages innovative strategies and the incorporation of new technology into teaching and learning activities;

  • evaluates media personnel by clearly established and relevant criteria;

  • promotes cooperation with other informational agencies such as public libraries, resource centers, Educational Technology Training Centers, etc;

  • assists in planning media facilities development and/or adaptations;

  • maintains awareness of media program goals, needs, and outcomes through regular conferences with media personnel.

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