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Department of Exceptional Students

Family Liaisons
CCPS Pre-School Diagnostic Center
7146 Southlake Parkway
Morrow, GA 30260
Phone: (770)-472-2460
Fax: (770)-472-2461

Sharon Johnson  -  email

Announcements for Parent Training & Support

2014-2015 DES Educational Surrogate Parent Trainings

In cooperation with our Community Partner, the Social Security Administration local office, the following information has been made available:

If there are any additional questions, please contact Ms. Linda Day at or (678)422-2427

About The Program
The Family Liaison program is a parent-driven initiative by the Department of Education and Clayton County Public Schools which employs parents of children with a disability for the purpose of providing education and support to families with the long term objective of giving all children a better chance at reaching their potential.

Our Mission
To develop understanding, trust, support, and educational opportunities which will enable parents and teachers to build effective home school collaboration and provide our children the opportunity to reach their potential.

Program Goals
 - Increase parent understanding of disabilities and Special Education prior to initial staffing
 - Increase parent participation in initial placement meetings
 - Increase parent satisfaction following initial staffing

Who Is A Family Liaison?
The Family Liaison is the parent of a child with special needs who has been employed by the school system to provide support to other parents of students with disabilities. 

What Does A Family Liaison Do?
 - Promote partnerships between parents and educators
 - Guide parents through the Special Education process
 - Supply information on Special Education services, policies, and procedures
 - Link parents to support groups or other parents
 - Provide information about Special Education and the law
 - Listen to family concerns and answer questions

When To Call
 - You have questions regarding a Student Support Team (SST) visit
 - You need to talk with another parent regarding your concerns
 - Questions arise about Special Education
 - You need resources regarding Special Education

Parent Training
The Clayton County Special Education Family Liaisons have been sponsoring District-Wide training activities for parents of students with disabilities in an effort to inform, educate, and invite parents and the community to become more involved in particip?ting in the lives of our special needs population. The Parental Involvement Workshop Series is being conducted at monthly though-out the school year at the Eula Ponds Perry Center for Learning (137 Spring Street, Jonesboro, GA).
Click here to view information for this year's Training schedule.  The topics have included discussions on:

 - SST/Overview
 - Revised Parental Rights
 - IDEA Reauthorization and 504
 - Understanding the Various Diplomas offered through Sp ED
 - Transitions- Life after School
 - Behavior Intervention Plan
 - Behavior Management
 - Specific Strategies

Parental Involvement Workshops

- Guardianship Terminology
- Counseling Directory
- Parents Guide to Gangs (English)
- Parents Guide to Gangs (Spanish)
- Tips Techniques and Strategies for Improving Your Child's Behavior
- Special Education Acronyms
- What are the differences between Accommodations and Modifications
- Special Education Support Service Models
- Parent Tips for Effective IEP Meetings (English)
Parent Tips for Effective IEP Meetings (Spanish)
- Parent Tips for Effective IEP Meetings (Khmer)
- Parent Tips for Effective IEP Meetings (Lao)
- Parent Tips for Effect IEP Meetings (Vietnamese)
- Parent to Parent of Georgia
- Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
- American College Testing (ACT) Services for Students with Disabilities
- College Board/PSAT/NMSQT/SAT/AP Services for Students with Disabilities
- Reading Tips for Parents (English)
- Reading Tips for Parents (Spanish)

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