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Safe and Drug-Free Schools

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The purpose of Title IV - Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities is to support programs that:

  1. prevent violence in and around schools;

  2. prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs;

  3. Involve parents and communities; and, are coordinated with related efforts;

  4. Foster a safe and drug free learning environment that promotes student achievement.

The Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities program is the only source of federal funding for school based prevention that directly targets all of America’s youth in grades K-12 with drug education, prevention and intervention services.

Principles of Effectiveness

For a program or activity developed under the Safe and Drug-free Schools and Communities Act the program must meet the principles of effectiveness and such program shall:

  1. Be based on an assessment of objective data regarding the incidence of violence and illegal drug use in the elementary schools, secondary schools, and communities to be served including an objective analysis of the current conditions and consequences regarding violence and illegal drug use, including delinquency and serious discipline problems, among students who attend such schools (including private school students who participate in the drug and violence prevention program) that is based on ongoing local assessment or evaluation activities.

  2. Be based on an established set of performance measures aimed at ensuring that the elementary schools and secondary schools and communities to be served by the program have a safe, orderly, and drug-free learning environment.

  3. Be based on scientifically based research that provides evidence that the program to be used will reduce violence and illegal drug use.

  4. Be based on an analysis of the data reasonably available at the time, of the prevalence of risk factors, including high or increasing rates of reported cases of child abuse and domestic violence; protective factors, and assets; and other variables in schools and communities in the State identified through scientifically based research.

  5. Include meaningful and ongoing consultation with and input from parents in the development of the application and administration of the program or activity.

Parks and Recreation

Parents check out all the wonderful programs and educational resources that our County Parks and Recreations have to offer. These programs and resources are conveniently located right in your area.  They have all sorts of extraordinary activities for you and your families to come out and enjoy.  Make it a family affair right here in Clayton County. 

Activities such as:

  • Team Building

  • After School Matinee

  • Build a Bluebird House

  • Green Thumb Gardening

  • Total Body Workout: Beginner/Intermediate

  • Total Body Workout

  • Power Sculpting Advanced

  • Aqua Fusion

  • H2O Fitness

  • Gluts & Abs

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Relax & Stretch Yoga

  • Hip Hop Dance

  • Creative Movement

  • Ballet/Tap/Jazz

  • Ballet (Beginner)

  • Baby Tap

  • Jazz

  • Chicago Style Steppin’

  • Taekwondo

  • Fundamentals of Basketball

  • The Chess Elite (Open Play)

  • The Leadership Academy for Success

For more information on Parks and recreation, click here. 



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