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 Student Services
1058 Fifth Avenue
: 770-473-2700  Fax:  678-817-3098

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Tamera Foley

770-473-2700 Ext. 700315

Administrative Assistant

Terry Porter 770-473-2700 Ext. 700314
Director of Student Services Mandy Condit 770-473-2700 Ext. 700320
Administrative Assistant Shauna Daugherty 770-473-2700 Ext. 700183
Flint River Program
Coordinator Dwight Smalls
Administrative Assistant Donna Womack
Flint River School Website
Georgia Network for Education and Therapuetic Services/Ash Street
Director Derrick Gilchrist
Administrative Support Specialist Shelley Robinson
Ash Street Website
Office of Student Discipline
Coordinating Supervisor for Student Discipline Eric Carlyle 770-473-2700 ext.700338
Tribunal Specialist Anitra Murphy 678-817-3109
Behavior Intervention Specialist Darrell Brewster 770-473-2700
Behavior Intervention Specialist Edward Baety 770-473-2700
Behavior Intervention Specialist Crystal Caston 770-473-2700
Behavior Intervention Specialist Tamika Thomas 770-473-2700
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Information
Psychological Services
Director Dr. Mandy Condit 770-473-2700 Ext. 700320
Lead School Psychologist Cheri Taylor 770-473-2700
Administrative Assistant Shauna Daugherty 770-473-2700 Ext. 700183
School Social Work Services
Director Dr. Mandy Condit 770-473-2700 Ext. 700320
Administrative Assistant Shauna Daugherty 770-473-2700 Ext. 700183
Hospital / Homebound Services
Lead Teacher Dr. Quintella Harrell 770-473-2700 Ext. 700317
Teacher Yvonne Williams 770-473-2700 Ext. 700155
Teacher Dr. Ericka Woodson 770-473-2700 Ext. 700154
Teacher Donna Oldham 770-473-2700 Ext. 700157
Teacher Megan Lymon 770-473-2700
Teacher Tashawn Lyles 770-473-2700
Hospital / Homebound Services Website
Guidance and Counseling
Coordinator Dr. Alicia Dunn 678-817-3124
Administrative Assistant Chevini Dill 770-473-2733
Guidance and Counseling Website
Department of Exceptional Students
CCPS Special Education Department
Director Katrina King 678-610-1268
Administrative Assistant Mychylene Beal 678-817-3116
Department of Exceptional Students - Special Education Website
School Health Services
Supervising Health Care Professional Deborah Coleman
Supervising Health Care Professional Vanessa Edwards
Supervising Health Care Professional Lurleen Gourdine
Supervising Health Care Professional Rebecca Hawkins 770-296-5904
Supervising Health Care Professional Angenette Spikes 770-833-9423
Supervising Health Care Professional Kimberleen Robinson 770-473-2700
School Health Services Website
Pre-Kindergarten Education
Coordinating Supervisor Evangeline Sterling 678-817-3103
Assistant Supervisor Demetria King 678 817-3103
Administrative Assistant Fronita Holston 770-473-2700 ext. 700178
Pre-Kindergarten's Website
Childtec & Work Family Program
Coordinator Dr. Alicia Dunn 678-817-3124
Administrative Assistant Barbara Wilson 770-473-2733
Phone 678-610-1991
Fax 678-610-8317
Childtec Website

Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)
Rehabilitation Specialist Lelia Lomax 678-961-2437
Support Specialist Walter Reeves 678-961-2438
Support Specialist Ervin Smith 678-961-2436

The Clayton County Public School system has accepted increased responsibility for meeting the needs of students.  The Student Services staff works closely with other community child services agencies, including the Juvenile Court, to meet the emotional behavior and social needs of all students through the following departments:

Other services performed by Student Services include administering the following programs/services:



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