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Bulletin Board Ideas

Book Titles

MVC-029S.JPG (32391 bytes)Harry Potter Goes to High School

This bulletin board was created to take advantage of the Harry Potter craze.   The background is yellow with red letters.   The title is "Harry Potter goes to High School" .  I had a talented student draw a picture of Harry.  I would have liked  him to have a  mortarboard on his head, but my artistic student couldn't handle that.   Book jackets or digital pictures of books have been added.   Titles by authors such as Tolkein, Dahl, LeGuin, Alexander, Susan Cooper and Jane Yolen are very similar to Harry Potter books.   The bottom of the bulletin board says "Check out these titles."

Judy Serritella, Lovejoy High School, Lovejoy, GA

Original Titles of Famous Books

Original Title

Actual title



Mag's Diversions

David Copperfield

Terror of the Monster


The Chronic Argonauts

The Time Machine

Ba!Ba! Black Sheep

Gone with the Wind

The Sea Cook

Treasure Island

Before This Anger


Salinas Valley

East of Eden

Something That Happened

Of Mice and Men


The sun also rises

All's well that ends well

War and Peace

The Village Virus

Main Street

Judy Serritella, Lovejoy High School, Lovejoy, GA

Meet Someone New...Read a Biography

We used a large scarecrow with a bushel basket full of biographies and leaves. This gave a seasonal touch to the title. We also added biography book covers.

Nancy Garabed, Lovejoy Middle School, Lovejoy, GA
Terry Hallman, Marilyn Czekaj, Council Rock High School, Newton, PA

Much Ado About Books

This play on words is being used by the Jacksonville (Florida) Public Library system.  While they don't actually have a bulletin board with this caption, a media specialist/librarian could use this catchy phrase and showcase Shakespearean plays and poetry.

Unfortunately, Life's events can get a bit lemony in a Snicket. 

This board was used to promote the series by Lemony Snicket.  Yellow and black lettering is printed on the computer and used on a black background.   The yellow lettering is used only for the words unfortunately, events, lemony and Snicket.  Book cover pictures were printed from the Internet and added to the board.  Yellow paper lemons are used as a border.  Books from the series were displayed below the board.  Sixteen books were displayed and they were all checked out in a short period of time!

(Pictures to be posted soon)

Leslie Scates, Winslow Schools, Winslow, Arkansas 



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