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Bulletin Board Ideas

Cultural Diversity

Black History Month

I took quotes from famous civil rights leaders and combined with photographs and scanned images.  I then scanned the covers of a few popular titles written by or about African Americans to add to the showcase.

Kristy Sandel, Mason High, Mason, Michigan

L+O+V+E+J+O+Y=One School

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To celebrate our differences at Lovejoy...I took several sheets poster board and cut them in half.   On each sheet I drew one letter to spell the name of our school.  I then asked African American students, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, a group of faculty members and the janitorial staff to hold one of the letters.  The pictures were placed on the bulletin board with a + (plus) sign between each picture.   L+O+V+E+J+O+Y=one school  was the caption.  The students in the picture were excited, their friends liked seeing them on the board, and it made the point of even though we are all different we are all a part of one entity. 

Judy Serritella, Lovejoy High, Lovejoy, Georgia

We the People

Cut out a large map of the United States.  On every inch of the map paste or glue pictures of people who make up America. You will need a lot of magazines for this one.  I used mainly just pictures of peoples faces hiding some famous people in the crowd.  The students enjoyed looking for people that they recognize. You could also spotlight your individual state...but be sure to cut out the map.  It makes it more eye catching.  You could have books about states surrounding the map, or books about different ethnic groups.                  

  Lillian Hairston, Owings Mill High School, Owings Mill, Maryland

Black History Trails

Place a map in the center of the bulletin board.  The students can focus on their area (state, county or city) or they can include all of the United States.  Use red, black and green ribbon.  As students research and discover information about a Black American they place a ribbon where the person is from and put the information at the end of the ribbon. If there is a lot of stuff, change it weekly, if not leave up for the month.

  Lillian Hairston, Owings Mill High School, Owings Mill, Maryland



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