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Bulletin Board Ideas

Holidays and Seasons

April Showers Bring Poetry

I gathered poetry created by students in the creative writing class and displayed it for all to see.  The students loved seeing their creations published, and I hung a few scanned covers of poetry books available in the library media center.

Kristy Sandel, Mason High School. Mason, Michigan

Valentine's Day

You can spotlight famous "sweethearts of literature" on your February bulletin board. My bulletin board was covered with red paper and a large white heart was placed in the middle.  On smaller hearts all around the board were names of famous sweethearts.  Some of the "sweethearts" were:  Adam & Eve, Frederic & Catherine, Odysseus & Penelope, Priscilla & John, Tom & Sophy, Heathcliff & Catherine, Antony & Cleopatra, Jane & Rochester, Fred & Wilma, Scarlett & Rhett, Jay & Daisy, Samson & Delilah, Anna Karenina & Count Dronsky, Emily & George, Guinivere and Arthur, Lucy & Charles, Tom & Becky, Yurri & Lara, Romeo & Juliet, Elizabeth & Robert, Roxane & Cyrano, Beauty & the Beast and I am sure you can think of many others.  

Judy Serritella, Lovejoy High School, Lovejoy, Georgia

Hope your holiday is Grinch free!

Taking advantage of the Grinch movie, we created a bulletin board with a Christmas tree loaded with pictures of books.  We cut the books out of catalogs and added a few colored balls.  The background is red and white stripes (like a candy cane) and put some neon colored lights (made out of paper) around the border.  The grinch's hand is, of course, in a Santa sleeve and the words "Hope your holiday is Grinch free" are in green.  The packages are cut from wallpaper, craft paper and real Christmas wrap.

Judy Serritella, Lovejoy High School, Lovejoy, Georgia

Presents of Mind

In the stockings are book jackets! 

Sadie Longood, Dallas (Oregon) High School Librarian, saintsadie@yahoo.com

Chill Out With A Good Book

The backing is a royal blue cloth fabric that has little stars on it is .  It looks like a night sky.  A white polar bear sitting with a big, contented smile is enlarged to fit the height of the bulletin board.  A little strip of cotton batting snow is put along the bottom so it looks like the bear is sitting on snow.  A little red bow and a ring of silk holly are put around the polar bear's neck.  Put a little of the cotton batting behind the bear to give him a three dimensional look.  You could add "Readings Cool" or "Chill out with a good book."   

Melissa Davis, Splendora Middle School, Splendora I.S.D., Splendora, Texas

Holiday Greetings Across the Country

I put a map of the United States or the world and students cut the postmark off of the envelopes as greeting cards arrived at their homes.   We put them on the map of where it came from.

Suzette Kragenbrink, Mount Vernon High

Halloween Ghoul's Gallery

This Halloween bulletin board uses a  morphing utility (for combining two digital pictures into one)  Brian Regan (pictured right) morphed library club members and staff with classic movie monsters.  These pictures went into a "Ghoul's Gallery" display with scary books for Halloween.

Brian Regan, East Rochester High School, East Rochester, NY

It's Snow Better Time to Read

A catchy title for a January or February bulletin board in the northern climes would be "It's snow better to time to read".  A fancy cut snowflake scan take the place of the "o" in snow.  The background is blue, the lettering is white, and balls of cotton can be glued on to simulate snow.

Martha Zarikow

Books Yule Love to Read

bboardxmas.jpg (106540 bytes)

This bulletin board is actually a display case.   The background is black.  The border is a colorful combination of red and green Christmas lights.  The words are also a combination of the holiday colors.   Three books are inside the display case and the catchy phrase "Books Yule Love to Read" is in the center.

Sadie Longood, Dallas (Oregon) High School Librarian

Season's Readings

Cover the background of board as a collage covered old Christmas cards.  Place a big- big Santa face in the center with the dialogue bubble and Season's Readings in the bubble.

R. Ludt, Wilson High School, Youngstown, Ohio

Best Witches

Add a play on words to this Halloween bulletin board.  Add book jackets that contain witches on a background of black or orange paper.  You can use such titles as: Macbeth, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, Harry Potter, Witch Baby. 

No L

This simple and thought provoking holiday bulletin board will be a hit.  Cover the bulletin board with green paper. Cut a large letter L from black paper.  Place the letter inside the universal symbol for NO.  Stand back and see who can figure out that the bulletin board reads "Noel." Place the letter "L" inside the no symbol. 

Kathy Edwards, Secretary, Lovejoy High School, Lovejoy, Georgia 

Sweethearts in Literature

Use large hearts for the names of the sweethearts and small hearts for the name of the book in  which they are found.  The border is Hershey's kisses made out of aluminum foil and white paper.  Leslie used a font that included hearts in the lettering. 

Leslie Scates, Winslow Schools, Winslow, Arkansas

Stocking Up On Good Books

Cover the bulletin board with green paper.  Place a large paper stocking in the center of the bulletin board.  Leslie made hers colorful with red and yellow stripes. The stocking is overflowing with construction paper books.  Label the books with prize winning titles (Pulitzer, Newberry, Nobel).  Add a little touch of holly on the border.

Leslie Scates, Winslow Schools, Winslow, Arkansas

Wrap Up With a Good Book

This display could also be a bulletin board.  The background is wrapping paper with wide Christmas ribbon running horizontally and vertically with a bow.  Display books in the case. If creating a bulletin board, use book covers or take digital pictures of the book covers. 

Barb Devore, Oakville Senior High, St. Louis, Mo. 

Books are Full of LepREADchaun Gold  

Green and white letters are used on a black background. However, the white letters are used only "Read" to make it stand out.  Yellow paper coins are coming out of an opened paper book and fall into a pot of gold surrounded by stacks of paper coins and a leprechaun.  Green clovers are used in each corner of the border.

Leslie Scates, Winslow School, Winslow, Arkansas

Jennifer Oberholtz, Carlsbad High School

Fall Into a Good Book

I created a tree using brown construction paper and fall leaves and fall garlands purchased at the dollar store.  The tree went up one side and the garlands formed the branches and cascaded across the top and down the other side. I stapled loose fall leaves as if they were falling from the tree.

Sharon Stone, Librarian, Minerva Central School, Olmstedville, New York

Masters of the Macabre (during late October)

 I asked the art department to help me provide “goulish” art to combine with a display of suspense fiction.  They submitted wonderful pen and ink drawings featuring Halloween symbols …cats, bats, wolves, full moons, etc.  I especially liked the titles the students gave 
their art:  Bats in the Belfrey, Croaking Swamp , Poe’s Cat…All I have to do is add the books!  I can’t wait until Halloween!

 Rebecca Amerson, Woodstock High School, Woodstock, GA

Hungry for a Good Book?

Jaye Masters, Hawthorne Elementary, Jonesboro, Georgia

Fall into a good book!

Jaye Masters, Hawthorne Elementary, Jonesboro, Georgia



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