What is Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus, just one component of Clayton's Student Toolkit for Academic Reporting (C-STARS) is a comprehensive student data management tool that allows parents, teachers, and students to communicate with one another.

Parents and students may view Attendance, Schedules, Grades and Assignment Details Online

Direct notices and messages from the District, School and Teachers

Access to the Infinite campus App from your mobile iOS or Android devices


Campus Parent Portal is a key component of the C-STARS suite which will allow parents the opportunity to be engaged in their child(ren)s education through direct access to grades, assignments, and teachers.

To access Campus Parent Portal an activation code is needed to create your username and password. Please utilize the "Parent Portal Quick Guide" link or the "Campus Parent Portal Tutorial" link located on the menu bar at the upper left side of the screen. If you have problems with the following:

    retrieving your activation key,

    logging into the Campus Parent Portal, or

    answering questions concerning the Campus Parent Portal,

start by utilizing the "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) link.

Also available is a "School Directory" link containing your childs school contact information.

Both resources are located on the top left-hand side of this web page.