School Closing Events and Info

Welcome to the Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) School Closing Events and Info Webpage!  

We have created this webpage to inform all stakeholders of how to stay connected to the school district as well as prepare and remain safe during potential event that place our students, employees, schools and community at risk. 

On this page, you will find school closure, instructional make-up days, CCPS’s long-term school closure instructional plan as well as important links for emergency information/services, and suggested reading topics. 

In our mission to be the highest performing school system in the State of Georgia, it is our duty to inform all stakeholders and the community as well as educate the future leaders of tomorrow and safeguard the wellbeing of our students, employees and community. 

Platforms on which Schools Closing Information is shared:

Official information regarding school closures and early dismissals will be distributed using the following platforms: 

Connect with CCPS!

We encourage all stakeholders to stay connected with Clayton County Public Schools using the district’s official platforms, as listed above, as these avenues will be used to share and communicate important information as it relates to School Closure Events/Information and announcements of potential hazardous events being by the school district.