(UPDATED) Clayton County Public Schools Releases CCRPI Information
(UPDATED) Clayton County Public Schools Releases CCRPI Information
Posted on 11/03/2017
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CCPS Releases CCRPI Information (Updated Press Release As of 11-3-2017)

Turnaround Eligible Schools List

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Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) announces its biggest increase in the district’s overall score since the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) was implemented. The CCPS 2016-2017 overall single score of 67.8 points represents a 3.7 increase over 2015-2016 results closing the gap with regards to the statewide score. With this increase, CCPS outperformed the state of Georgia. The state reported an overall score of 75 points for 2016-2017 as compared to its overall score of 73.6 for 2015-16, an increase of 1.4. In terms of overall growth, CCPS’s growth narrowed the gap between the district and the state from 9.5 points in 2015-2016 to 7.2 in 2016-17.   

Also, based on information of the 2016-2017 CCRPI Scores released by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA), instead of 3 schools on the list, only one CCPS is on the Turnaround Eligible School List. This is consistent with new guidelines instituted this year, as outlined in House Bill 338, passed by the General Assembly in Spring 2017. That school, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, has the highest 2017 CCRPI score on the Governor’s list reflecting one of the highest improvements for CCPS – almost 15 points.

“I believe at the rate that they are improving, King Elementary will not be on the Governor’s list next year,” said Dr. Morcease J. Beasley, CCPS Superintendent of Schools. “We are proud of all our students, our teachers and our school leaders who demonstrate each day effective instructional leadership that allows everyone to succeed in our efforts to flip the data with most students performing at Proficient or Distinguished levels on future Georgia Milestones Assessments.”

The new guidelines, as published by the State, says that the list of Turnaround Eligible schools must have a three-year average CCRPI score that is in the bottom five percent of the state (2015, 2016, and 2017), excluding non-traditional schools and state special schools.  This year’s list includes all schools with a three-year CCRPI average below 54.0.  Please note that this list replaces the Chronically Failing Schools list that GOSA published in prior years. The list is attached. 

What the report shows:

  • The report showed that five CCPS schools were reported to have scored above 80 points on the 2016-17 CCRPI. Those schools and their scores are: Elite Scholars Academy (Grades six-12) -102.2; Stilwell School of the Arts - 98.2; M.D. Roberts Middle - 84.8; Arnold Elementary - 82.9; and Morrow Elementary - 80.5

  • Of the 62 schools that report CCRPI single score, 56 schools or 93% of schools have scores above 60 points, with 13 schools exhibiting double digit growth in their respective scores. They are: Eddie White Academy (Grades K-8), Edmonds Elementary, Elite Scholars Academy (Grades six-12), Fountain Elementary, Harper Elementary, Hawthorne Elementary, Lee Street Elementary, Martin Luther King Elementary, Rivers Edge Elementary, Suder Elementary, Tara Elementary, Unidos Dual Language (Grades K-8) and West Clayton Elementary.

  • Schools demonstrating the most improvement in their 2016-2017 CCRPI scores from those reported in 2015-2016 were: Edmonds Elementary +19.7; West Clayton Elementary +19.4, Unidos Dual Language (Grades K-8) +15.7; Harper Elementary +14.6; King Elementary +14.6; Elite Scholars Academy (Grades six-12) +14.0; Tara Elementary +13.8; River’s Edge Elementary + 11.8; Fountain Elementary +11.4; Lee Street Elementary +11.1; Eddie White Academy (Grades K-8) +10.9; Hawthorne Elementary +10.7; and Suder Elementary +10.3

  • At the middle school level 12 of 13 campuses or 92% reported 2016-2017 scores that were higher than those of 2015-16.

“We are excited with the possibilities that our progress demonstrates as reported in this year’s CCRPI results,” said Dr. Beasley. “While this represents an excellent starting place for our instructional focus of providing an academically challenging and safe environment instruction, we still have much to do to move our district forward.”
“These results provide a foundation for the plan of work that we have developed and continue to refine as we commit ourselves to high performance,” he added.

The CCRPI score is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform that offer districts and schools an opportunity to conduct an in-depth analysis of students’ college and career readiness.  Each district and school receives a score out of 100 points; also schools can earn up to 10 bonus points.   

A school and district’s overall score is the sum of points earned in three major areas:  Achievement (50 points possible), Progress (40 points possible) and Achievement Gap (10 points possible).  The 10 bonus points are derived from the Challenge/Extending the Bar category.  The Achievement component of CCRPI, which includes Content Mastery, Post High/Middle/Elementary School Readiness, and Graduation Rate/Graduation Rate Predictor makes up 50% of the overall CCRPI score.  

Michael Tappler, a member of the CCPS Department of Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Accountability, offered this overview of the district’s 2016-2017 CCRPI performance, “I am pleased with our results and our trajectory in comparison with the State.  We hoped to surpass the state’s average within two years.”  

“I am basing this on our current growth and our enhanced instructional emphasis on Content Mastery,” he added.    
“We will continue to maintain a high level of expectation for our students’ learning using a curriculum that focuses on Literacy, Numeracy, Critical Thinking, and Technology Integration,” Dr. Beasley said. “We will – we must succeed for the children of Clayton County.”