Press Release: Unidos Dual Language Elementary School Demonstrates Impressive Growth
Press Release: Unidos Dual Language Elementary School Demonstrates Impressive Growth
Posted on 12/05/2017
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JONESBORO – Academic excellence is a multilingual reality at Unidos Dual Language Elementary School. Based on data released earlier this year by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, the school experienced substantial growth during the 2016-2017 academic year based on the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI).
The report shows that Unidos had a 15.7 point improvement in its 2016-17 CCRPI scores as compared with its 2015-16 scores. This was the third highest growth reported among Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS). The school’s score of 71.2 was only 3.8 points short of the state average of 75.

“We are proud of Unidos and the dedicated work of its learning community,” said Dr. Morcease J. Beasley, CCPS Superintendent of Schools. “The staff and students continue to exhibit a strong commitment to high-performance through comprehensive planning with a focus on academic growth and achievement.”  

“We are excited to share this information with everyone and especially the families of potential Unidos students,” said Beasley. “Research has shown that a dual language immersion model has academic benefits that extend beyond the classroom and shapes a student that is college and career ready.”

“Unidos provides a unique learning experience for those interested in a challenging yet rewarding educational experience,” he added.   

In response to the needs of Unidos students and its community, the schools’ staff, under the leadership of its principal, Prince Bowie, has been working hard to maintain and enhance CCRPI gains to continue the school’s forward movement. Initiatives include:
  • Embracing online digital media as a viable form of student learning.  Teachers at Unidos are using digital technology weekly to record lessons in English and Spanish. These videos are being shared with parents and stakeholders weekly to assist their students to be successful.
  • Selected by Comcast as a partner to promote its Digital Literacy Initiative as Comcast invests in expanding access to digital literacy skills and the Internet to all communities and cultures.  During a special Comcast event earlier this year, the school’s fifth-graders each received a laptop.
  • Expanded Community Outreach by visiting all Pre-K Centers and inviting families to an Open House designed to assist them in learning more about Unidos and its Dual Language Model.
  • Utilizing a variety of strategies to immerse students in Hispanic culture during each school day to enhance the learning experience. These activities were enhanced during Hispanic Heritage month through the use of trivia games, morning music, and social studies lessons. Hispanic Heritage Month culminated with a Hispanic Heritage celebration that involved over 300 parents and stakeholders experiencing a school performance Latin-inspired food, music, and dance.

“We have an open invitation for everyone to find out about the unique learning experience at Unidos Dual Language Elementary School,” said Principal Bowie. “Our dynamic and creative staff is appropriately suited to teach our student population effectively through our language immersion model.”

“We hope that families with elementary age children will consider our school as the best option for their educational future,” he added.

For more information about Unidos Dual Language Elementary School or School Choice, click on this link or go to the district website at and look under departments. Full information regarding the process can be found in the School Choice Guide which can be accessed through this site.  Deadline for School Choice application submission is Friday, December 15, 2017

About Unidos Dual Language Elementary School

  • First dual language school in the state of Georgia
  • 21st Century School (Technology)
  • Diverse teachers/students (60 percent of students are Hispanic)
  • Native Hispanic Teachers
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Innovative teaching practices
  • Dual Language Education
  • Multi-Cultural Education
  • Strong parental involvement
  • Fortune 500 business partnerships
  • Free to any CCPS Student

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