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Learning Beyond the Classroom: CCPS is offering instructional options in Reading for students in grades K-12 and in Mathematics for students in grades K-8.  With support and guidance from parents/guardians, students will be able to complete the instructional activities from the comfort of their home, or from any location, independent of a Clayton County Public Schools educator.

myON is delivering thousands of free books to computer and mobile devices that can be accessed every day 24 hours a day now through August 31, 2018 by students, parents, and others. Please see the following flyer for more information.

Georgia Summer 2018 Information

LBC Options:

Summer Learning in Reading Option #1, Smarty Ants
Smarty Ants is an online early literacy program that helps younger students practice the essential skills needed for kindergarten. All children - ages 3-4 – will have access to this online program during the summer.

Register Here:

Once registration is completed, parents will receive an email containing their child’s credentials for accessing the platform. 

Smarty Ants Program Flyer

Smarty Ants Program Flyer - Spanish

Smarty Ants Program Flyer - Vietnamese

​​Smarty Ants Reading Log

Summer Learning in Reading Option #2, Clayton Reads in Every Season

Link to Summer Reading Info

All Clayton County Public Schools’ students have the option to participate in Clayton Reads in Every Season. The reading initiative supports continued growth in fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension by providing a list of suggested texts based on students’ grade-level and recommended sources for obtaining books. To foster joy in reading, parents should assist their child with book selections by prioritizing books that align with their child’s interests. Moreover, parents should set an expectation that their child reads daily for at least twenty minutes.

Registration is not required. Students need to obtain books and log their reading on the official reading log for Clayton Reads in Every Season.

Clayton Reads in Every Season Reading Log

Reading Lists:

Students Entering Grades K-2
Students Entering Grades 3-5
Students Entering Grades 6-8
Students Entering Grades 9-12

Summer Learning in Reading Option #3, Take-Home Book Packs
Students in grades K – 8 will receive a Take-Home Book Pack to support summer reading.  The packs include grade-level texts of varying genres.  Also included in the book packs are a summer reading journal that includes a reading log, reading comprehension activities, and tips for supporting reading during family time.  The book packs will allow students to develop their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Registration is not required.  Students who commit to summer reading will receive the book packs before leaving school for summer break.  Students will need to log their reading on the official reading log for Clayton Reads in Every Season. 

Summer Learning in Reading Option #4, Achieve3000
Students in grades 9-12 have the option to utilize the Achieve3000 digital platform to select and read high-interest, informational articles aligned to their reading level.  In addition to improving their reading comprehension skills, engaging in the five-step literacy routine for each lesson will also allow students to improve their critical thinking, writing, and vocabulary skills.  The five-step literacy routine requires students to (1) respond to a before reading poll, (2) read the article, (3) answer eight, selected-response questions, (4) respond to the after reading poll, and (5) answer the thought question.

All high school students currently have access to the Achieve3000 reading program via the Clayton County Public Schools portal.  Each student has personalized credentials for accessing the portal.  In the summer, students will use the same credentials that they used during the school year.  Login

Summer Learning in Mathematics, First in Math

CCPS students in grades K-8 will have access to First in Math as a summer learning option.  Research shows that up to 90% of what students learn in school, they forget after 30 days. The 10% that students retain occurs from active learning-through Deep Practice.  First in Math, a web-based mathematics gaming platform, provides exposure to situations and/or problems that activate adaptive reasoning and strategic competence by employing Deep Practice techniques.  When an error occurs, Deep Practice forces students to pause, practice, and continue once they master the skill.  Thirty minutes or more of Deep Practice rapidly increases computation, problem solving, critical thinking and other essential math skills.  In a matter of weeks, or even days, using Deep Practice techniques, students can master skills that customarily take months of regular practice. 

  • Go to the First in Math website:
  • The student’s username is the LastnameStudentID (For example: Smith0654456)
  • The student’s password is the student ID (For example: 0654456)

Send questions related to this program to Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.

District Program Contact Person: Elisar Gray

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