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Clarification Corner
Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) is a district that engages its stakeholders in an honest, transparent and inclusive manner which provides all constituents a fair opportunity to make informed decisions about matters happening within our school system. While we pride ourselves in operating in this manner, from time to time rumors, inaccuracies, or untruths circulate throughout our community which cause undue anxiety and angst amongst our stakeholders. As we aim to dispel fabrications to maintain a high level of honesty, transparency and respect for our stakeholders, Clayton County Public Schools is proud to introduce The Clarification Corner.
Evidenced by the name, The Clarification Corner was created to share a factual account of information to erroneous or fictitious reports in hopes of adding a layer of truth to dismissing falsities which only aim to stifle our progress as vested partners in supporting our commitment to becoming one of the highest performing school districts in the state, nation and world!
The school district’s practice is to promote high achieving students and support educators, school/district leaders and all community partners in attaining that goal. With that objective in mind, we do not believe that our children, school system, or our community stakeholders should fall victim to unfounded statements and unscrupulous practices. Therefore, we encourage you to utilize this platform as a means to follow-up on accurate critical information that may often pique public interests.
With that understanding in mind, please see the following information or check for periodic updates provided by the Clayton County Board of Education, Superintendent/CEO of Schools, and/or various District Leaders.

The Clarification Corner Announcement