Supplemental Student Registration Enrollment Forms

The forms below are supplemental and a required to complete Online Registration successfully. 
  Social Security
 Social Security benefits can help build college savings - Article ...

Parents will be asked to provide their student's social security number at the time of registration. The lack of or objection to providing a social security number will not prevent the student from being registering for school.  Students should not be denied registration due to lack of a social security number. Parents and legal guardian may sign the following form to exempt them from providing a social security number:

Social Security Waiver Form (English)
Social Security Waiver Form (Spanish)

Immunization Forms

Vaccine clipart immunization record, Vaccine immunization record ...

Certificate of Immunizations Blank Document
Religious Objection to Immunizations (English)
Religious Objection to Immunizations (Spanish)

Hearing, Vision, Dental & Nutrition - Form 3300

     4 Point Health Screening – School Health – Columbia County Schools

       Certificate of Hearing,Vision,Dental & Nutrition Screening

Registration Checklist

Checklist Template Clipart