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Mr. Thomas Trawick

Thomas Trawick began his career in January 1990 as a law enforcement officer with the Chatham County Police Department in Savannah, Georgia, working in the capacities of Police Officer, Narcotics Agent, Detective and School Resource Officer. During his career, he coordinated raids during the execution of arrest and search warrants; prepared affidavits and search warrants to ascertain approval from a Judge to execute said warrants; supervised undercover operations, managed covert transactions and recruited and trained confidential informants. Mr. Trawick earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Columbus State University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology from Saint Leo University. He joined CCPS in 2016, as Chief of Police for Safety and Security. In his current position, Mr. Trawick is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing employees of the CCPS Department of Safety and Security and contracted crossing guards. In addition, he supervises the application of district policies, state laws and ordinances; coordinates crime prevention strategies; and manages the investigation of criminal and traffic offenses in the protection of life and liberty of CCPS students, faculty, staff, and constituents.

“I chose my career after exiting the United States Army because I wanted to help those who could not help themselves. I knew at an early age I wanted to assist others and protect them from those who would take advantage of and threaten others (protect and serve). My philosophy is to “Always strive to maintain a posture of ‘Respect, Professionalism and Excellence’ in all of my professional and personal endeavors.”