CCPS General Timeline for 2016-2017 Enrollment Balancing Project, Phase I

Purpose: To ensure students in CCPS attend a school that is not over or under capacity.

Process: Review school capacity, growth projections, enrollment data and enrollment trends.
Establish criteria for enrollment balancing in Phase I.
Identify schools for enrollment balancing in Phase I.Complete enrollment balancing awareness survey(s).
Complete enrollment balancing analysis for Phase I.
Completing transportation mapping for Phase I.
Develop recommendations for enrollment balancing for Phase I.
Obtain input on the recommendations from the Board of Education and Community.
Revise recommendations for Phase I based upon input and established criteria.
Prepare final recommendations for Phase I and submit to the BOE for approval.

General Timeline for Phase I:

Phase I will balance enrollment to include, but not limited to, Morrow High School, King Elementary and North Clayton High School and their feeder schools. The general timeline of critical dates for the Board of Education and community at-large is as follows: 

August-December 2016 Planning and Development of Recommendations
September 6 Share Enrollment Balancing, Phase I with the BOE
September 26-29 Update BOE and Obtain BOE Member Input
October 17-21 Obtain Community Input
December 5 Presentation to the BOE
January 2017 BOE Vote & Community Awareness Sessions
January 2017 BOE Vote
February 2017-August 2017 Notification & Implementation