Located just south of Atlanta, Clayton County offers its residents the best of metropolitan living. With the heart of the South's great city only a few minutes away, Clayton County residents have access to the finest restaurants, theaters, museums, shopping malls, recreation and fitness centers, and nightlife entertainment. Perhaps no other county in Georgia offers residents the advantages of the big city, while maintaining its small town charm. Clayton County's proximity to four interstate highways and the fact that it is home to Hartsfield International Airport (one of the world's largest and busiest airports) make it convenient for people on the go. But when it is time to wind down, residents enjoy the tranquility offered by life in the suburbs among numerous lakes and pine trees. Add to that the reasonably priced housing, and it is easy to see why Clayton County is the best place to live.

We strongly believe that teachers and students perform best in clean and comfortable surroundings. All of our schools have central heating and air conditioning and visitors to our schools frequently comment on the excellent condition of our buildings.  However, excellent facilities are only part of the reason teachers are attracted to the Clayton County School System. An outstanding Professional Learning program also plays a big part. Teachers find considerable support through Professional Learning Department programs such as the teacher induction and mentor programs. We strive to have only the best trained and most-capable teachers in our classrooms, which is why we recruit from all over the Southeast. Many of our teachers become established community leaders, earn the distinction of being experts in a specialty field, and garner numerous achievement awards. Excellent facilities, outstanding Professional Learning programs, and distinguished colleagues are all reasons Clayton County is the best place to teach.

From kindergarten through twelfth grade, Clayton County Public Schools offers students the best in educational programs and services. Our school system was the first in Georgia to provide full-time counselors and instructional lead teachers at every school, including elementary schools. Students are offered a challenging curriculum on every grade level. Our middle school curriculum (grades 6-8)  includes courses in algebra, computer literacy, foreign language, and vocational programs. A host of exploratory courses such as band, chorus, and art AND extracurricular activities, such as football, swimming, and track, complement the middle school curriculum. Our system is unique in having a fully comprehensive high school program. In addition to the general and college-preparatory course offerings, each high school offers a vocational/technical facility through the CTAE program. Additionally, every instructional classroom in Clayton County Public Schools has 21st century digital classroom equipment (ceiling mounted DLP projector, interactive whiteboard and/or school pad, DVD/CD/TV Tuner combo, student response clickers, and document cameras).
With outstanding elementary, middle, and high school programs that help produce bright, well-rounded students who are able to face the world fully prepared for college, business or other vocations, it is clear that Clayton County Schools is the best place to learn.