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Film & Media Academy

Mundy’s Mill High School is confronting one of the greatest challenges facing secondary schools today—the perception by many adolescents that the traditional school curriculum and structure no longer meets their needs.  With the advent of social media, the prevalence of mobile technologies, and the ability to broadcast personal communication to public audiences around the clock, the adolescents in our classrooms enter with advanced but largely unrefined media skills.  Our students communicate and connect with their peers and the public at unprecedentedly high levels on a daily basis. While traditional thinking may position this new paradigm of continuous and boundless communication as a challenge, we perceive it as a strategic opportunity to prepare students to become exemplary professionals in film and media careers and to develop advanced media literacy in all of our students as a basic skill for college and career readiness in the 21st Century.

The Mundy’s Mill Film and Media Academy is an innovative pathway for media savvy learners to experience high school in a contemporary format.  We are leveraging the media rich and increasingly digitally interactive lifestyles of our students to engage them fully in the 4-year learning experience so that they are uniquely equipped to vie locally, nationally and internationally for jobs and careers after high school or college.  In the context of providing an educational pathway specializing in film and media, we will increase academic achievement for all students by creating an enthusiastic environment that promotes active engagement, accountability, and collaboration of key stakeholders to maximize student achievement.

The Mundy’s Mill Film and Media Academy is an economic imperative for our students.  Georgia’s booming film industry is experiencing a profound shortage of skilled workers to support its rapid expansion (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 2015). According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, “In FY 2015 alone, Georgia-lensed feature films and television productions generated an economic impact of $6 billion.  In large part crew positions for the film and television productions in our state are staffed by production talent from other states.  One of the goals of the MMHS Film and Media Academy is to build a solid source of highly qualified film and media industry talent. We seek to become an exemplar in the state and a model nationally for producing high school students prepared for careers in film & TV production, media broadcast, journalism, graphic design, photography and acting/dramatic performance.  Along with this career-oriented content, students will receive instruction in the core areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English specifically designed to meet the goals of the academy.  The development of partnerships with film studios and post-secondary institutions in close proximity and a shared interest in building Georgia’s film and media workforce will build the capacity and sustainability of the academy.

Targeted Students
The MMHS Film & Media Academy will attract students who are achievement oriented and highly motivated with demonstrated interest in film and media.

Criteria for Admission:
​     ~2.8 GPA
     ~Digital Portfolio
     ~Student Interview