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School Social Work

School Social Workers

Director Dr. Angela Horrison-Collier
Administrative Assistant Lanightia Newman

School Social Workers

The school social work department is a division of support personnel within Student Services. There are presently thirty-one school social workers who have an average of three schools.  School social workers provide unique services to students and their families that assist students in attaining the maximum benefits from their educational program. Our graduate level training in social work enables us to understand and interpret the impact school, home and community has on children and youth.  As a part of the educational team, school social workers assist and enhance student achievement in the classroom by developing strategies and interventions to improve academic, social and behavioral performance.  Additionally, our collaboration with families and the community remove barriers that impede student performance and assist students in reaching their fullest academic potential to increase participation in all educational programs.

Coping Room and Resource Hub
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Take some time and explore our Coping Room and Resource Hub.  You will find some healthy coping strategies, tools, and resources to help manage difficult emotions, decrease stress and establish or improve upon your sense of health and wellness.