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The Division of Business Services directs the development of an operating budget based on the local ability and desire to support the school system and on other sources of support. 

Like all school districts in the state, Clayton County Public Schools is dependently funded. The money for the operating budget comes from local, state, and federal sources.

The Superintendent, department heads, managers, school administrators, and community leaders work together to develop a budget that is presented to the Clayton County Board of Education. The Board discusses, reviews, and amends the drafts of the budget before approving a final version.

Our goal is to have a balanced budget each year, while budgeting revenue funds in a manner that meets strategic plan priorities, specifically, providing a safe and orderly learning environment for all students.

FY2016 Approved Budget                             FY2021 Proposed Budget

FY2017 Approved Budget  FY2021 Presentation Tentative Budget

FY2018 Approved Budget                           FY2021 Proposed Budget Questions and Answers

FY2019 Approved Budget                           FY2021 Draft Budget Book

FY20 Budget Hearing Questions

FY2020 Approved Budget