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English Language Arts (K-5)

Ebony Brown
Coordinator of Elementary English Language Arts
Taylah Cash
Administrative Assistant II
Tiffanie Barner-Davis
Academic Content Lead, Elementary ELA
TeKessa Adams
Academic Content Lead, Elementary ELA
Monica Jones
Academic Content Lead, Elementary ELA


What do students learn in Elementary English Language Arts?
In elementary English Language Arts (ELA) classes, students learn important skills that help them become better readers, writers, and communicators. Here are some of the key things students learn:

  • K-5 Georgia Standards of Excellence
  • Reading: Students learn how to read and understand different types of texts, such as stories, articles, and poems. They work on improving their reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Writing:  They learn how to express their thoughts and ideas through writing. This includes learning how to write sentences, paragraphs, and, eventually, longer essays. They also learn about grammar, punctuation, and spelling to make their writing clear and correct.
  • Vocabulary: Students build their vocabulary by learning new words and understanding their meanings. This helps them become better readers and writers.
  • Listening and Speaking: They practice listening to others and speaking clearly. This helps with communication skills, such as participating in class discussions and giving presentations.
  • Critical Thinking: Students learn to think critically about what they read and hear. They ask questions, make predictions, and draw conclusions to understand the text better.
  • Literature: They explore different types of literature, like fairy tales, fables, and classic stories. This helps them appreciate the beauty of language and storytelling.
  • Research Skills: In later elementary grades, students learn to research topics using books and the internet. They learn how to find reliable information and use it in their writing.
  • Creativity: Students are encouraged to be creative in their writing and to use their imagination to tell stories or poems.
  • Reading Comprehension: They work on understanding what they read, including the main idea, details, and the author's purpose.
  • Grammar and Spelling: They learn the rules of grammar (how words and sentences are structured) and practice spelling words correctly.

What can a parent or guardian do at home to support their child's learning in Elementary English Language Arts?
As parents, you can support your child's learning by reading with them, helping them with their homework, and encouraging them to express themselves through writing and speaking.

What is available to enrich student learning in Elementary English Language Arts?

What other departments or programs support student learning in Elementary English Language Arts?