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Social Studies (K-12)

Coordinator of K-12 Social Studies
Jaz’reale Jinks
Administrative Assistant ll
Rhonda Love
Academic Content Lead, K-12 Social Studies
Monique Swinger
Academic Content Lead, K-12 Social Studies
Letitia Thornton
Academic Content Lead, K-12 Social Studies


What do students learn in Social Studies?

  • The Clayton County Social Studies Curriculum provides a variety of experiences and learning opportunities for students which prepare them to be active citizens of the United States and the world. 
  • At the elementary level, students focus on history, geography, economics and government. 
  • In middle schools, students concentrate on the geography and history of the world and the state of Georgia. 
  • In high school, students are required to complete courses in world history, United States history, government, and personal finance & economics.  Students who excel in Social Studies may take Advanced Placement courses including AP World History, AP Government, AP U.S. History, and AP Economics.

What can a parent or guardian do at home to support their child's learning in Social Studies?

  • Parents can use resources from the Georgia Department of Education to stimulate learning at home. Check out the sample activities and instructional resources!
  • At your comfort level, provide opportunities for your child(ren) to share opinions on political, social, and economic matters. Listen, ask probing questions, and compliment them on their reasoning!

What is available to enrich student learning in Social Studies?

  • Social Studies Fair Competition
  • National History Day Competition 
  • Stock Market Game
  • Mock Trial
  • U. S. History Bowl
  • Black History Month Quiz Bowl
  • Civic Engagement Opportunities
  • Georgia United Nations Assembly
  • Civic Engagement Diploma Seals

What other departments or programs support student learning in Social Studies?