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ESOL Overview

During the past decade, Clayton County Public Schools has become increasingly diverse and multicultural.  Many students who enter the school system from other countries or speak another language at home may need additional English language assistance to succeed in school.  The state-funded ESOL program is designed to meet the needs of English learners (ELs).  Students are screened for English language assistance and if they qualify for services receive additional instruction provided by ESOL teachers.  These teachers are qualified to work with the diverse student population of English learners.  ESOL teachers provide instruction, participate in conferences, and assist school officials with various issues related to English learners.  ESOL teachers also provide faculty members with strategies for assisting ELs in mainstream classrooms.

ESOL Teachers:

  • Emphasize the receptive skills: listening and reading  
  • Teach the expressive skills: speaking and writing  
  • Use whole class, small group, and individual multi-level instructional approaches 
  • Assist classroom teachers by providing materials and suggesting strategies
  • Include immigrant and English learner parents in the instructional program 
  • Facilitate improvement in the delivery of instruction through ongoing staff development
  • Collaborate with other school programs and community agencies
  • Ensure program compliance

Language Groups in Clayton County Public Schools

English Learners ( ELs ) are primarily from several Spanish-speaking Latin American countries and Vietnam. Although the languages most often encountered are Spanish and Vietnamese, there are over 72 language groups other than English in the school system.  Some languages, other than English, spoken by students in the district include:


Afrikaans Ghambien Kono Sarakuk
Akan Ghanian Korean Samoan
Arabic Ghio Kru Serbo-Croatian
Ashanti Greek Kurdish Sindhi
Belarussian Gujarati Lao Soninke
Bisayan Haitian Creole Mandarin Spanish
Bosnian Harari Marathi Tagalog
Bengali Hindi Mandigo Telugu
Chinese Cantonese Hokkien Pakistani Thai
Chinese Mandarin Igbo Patois Tigrigna
Creole Indonesian Persian Twi
Farsi Italian Philipino Urdu
French Japanese Portuguese Vietnamese
Fula Kannada Punjabi Wolof
Ga Kenyang Pushto Yoruba
Georgian Khmer/Cambodian Romanian  
German Kiswahili Russian