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Facilities Services



Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Guidance

To comply with the Official Code of Georgia, (O.C.G.A. 45-22-7); Material Safety Data Sheets; Notice to Employees; Rights of Employees. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all products issued by Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) is available. Any chemical other than those we have provided an MSDS for, is not authorized for use in CCPS facilities.

The purpose of an MSDS is to inform you of:

  •   The material's chemical make-up.
  •   The material's physical properties or a fast acting health effect that makes it dangerous to handle.
  •   The level of protective gear you need to wear to work safely with the material.
  •   The first aid treatment to be provided when someone is exposed to the material.
  •   The preplanning needed for safely handling spills, fires, and day-to-day operations.
  •   How to respond to accidents.

When would an MSDS be used?

ALWAYS know the hazards of a material before you start using it. You should always read the name of the material or chemical, know the hazards, understand the safe handling and storage requirements, and understand what to do in an emergency.

Hornet & Wasp Spray Complete Floor Finish
Chewing Gum Remover Break Up
Vomit Control Fortify Hard Surface Floor Sealer
Chlorinated Cleanser Carpet Protector
Germ Destroyer/Bowl Cleaner Non-Acid Heavy Duty Prespray
Hand Sanitizer Extraction Rinse
Velvet Hand Soap/Liquid Hand Soap Plaza Plus Sealer
Foam Away/Defoamer Stench & Stain Digester
Bounce Back Original Shine Up (Ready-To-Use)
DuraGloss Wax Glance NA
Magic Floor Stripper Deep Gloss Maintainer For Stainless Steel Johnson Diversey
Bac Attack Stainless Steel Cleaner ABC Compounding
GP Forward Glue Trap
Bleach Foamy G Foming Hand Soap
Over & Under Sealer  Fresh Breeze Laundry Powder 
SnapBack Spray Buff (Liquid) Fresh Lemon Disinfectant/Air Freshener
Virex II 256 Graffiti Remover Wipes
Bravo Heavy Duty Low Odor Stripper Shine-Up Lemon Furniture Polish
Biorenewables Glass Cleaner Clean on the Go Super HDQL10
Clean on the Go Clean by Peroxy Bio-Transport 1/ Consume Eco-Lyzer


 TCM Install Operation and Maintenance Guide

Building Controls
     BCU-BMTX Hardware and Software Install
     BMTX Install Guide
     Tracer MP580-MP581
Unit Controls
     Reliatel Controls
     TUC-Install Operation and Maintenance Guide

Plant Equipment
     Veriable Speed Motor Controller TR200
     Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers
     Remote Air-Cooled Condensers
     Remote Chillers
     Series R Air-Cooled Helical Liquid Chillers
     Stealth Air-Cooled Chillers Catalog
     Stealth Air-Cooled Chillers
Water Towers
 Evapco Water Towers


Heat Pump Units
     Axiom WSHP .5-25 Tons IOM
     Axiom WSHP 2-6 Tons IOM
     Axiom WSHP Variable Speed IOM
Marvair Units
     Marvair Scholar III
Roof Top Units
   Intellipak Units
        IntelliPak I and II Programming
        IntelliPak II 90-162 Ton IOM
        Intellipak Units/IntelliPak IOM
   Prededent Units
     3-10 Tons
          Cooling 3-10 Tons IOM
          Gas or Electric 3-10 Tons IOM
          Heat Pump 3-10 Tons IOM
     3-5 Tons
          Cooling 3-5 Tons IOM
          Gas or Electric 3-5 Tons IOM
   Voyager Units
        Voyager Rooftop Units 27-50 IOM
     12.5-25 Tons
          Cooling IOM
          Gas or Electric IOM
          Heat Pump IOM
          Voyager Rooftop Units 12.5 - 25
   WSHP Units
         Axiom WSHP IOM
Unit Vents
     Axiom WSHP HE .5-1.5 Tons
     Classroom Unit Ventilator HUV IOM
     Classroom Unit Ventilator VUV IOM
     UniTrane Fan-Coil 200-1200 cfm IOM

Wireless Tracer System
     Wireless Install
     Wireless System Design Layout

Use of Facilities

Clayton County Public Schools Facility Use Contract

To save the form to your computer, right click the link and select "Save As"

How to Rent a Clayton County Public School Facility

Please review the "Terms and Conditions" and "Help Completing The Facility Use Contract" prior to submitting your application. This will result in fewer delays in securing the use of school facilities.
To complete the school facility use application please perform the following steps:
Step 1 - Contact the Building Administrator at the desired facility to determine availability.

Step 2 – Contact Safety and Security to inquire potential security fees.
Step 3 - Complete and sign the contract (keeping a copy for your records) and submit the contract, certificate of insurance, and the insurance policy to the Building Administrator. Please submit original documents with original signatures only.
Step 4 - Once signed by the Building Administrator, your contract will be submitted to the Area Superintendent, Safety & Security and the Maintenance Department. (Please note that if you are requesting to utilize the kitchen of the facility, you must acquire the Nutrition Director’s signature before receiving an approval.)
Step 5 - Provide payment (Cashier's Check or Postal Money Order Payable to Clayton County Public Schools) to the Building Administrator. A copy of the payment should be submitted with the contract or emailed to Maintenance from the location, due 48 hours prior to the event date.
Step 6 - The Maintenance Department will email the approved contract to all departments.
Step 7 - The Building Administrator will be your contact through the approval process. Please contact the facility that you are requesting to utilize for status updates.
Note: Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing. Failure to complete the contract entirely will result in a delay in the approval process; contracts received that are incomplete will be placed on hold or denied.




Approval Process
CCPS Price List
CCPS Regulations
Facility Use Contract
Help Completing the UOF Contract (Presentation)

Map of Facilities
Terms and Conditions


Click Here:
Help Completing the Clayton County Public Schools Facility Use Contract


Insurance Requirements

Prior to using school facilities, groups not directly related to the school program must provide a certificate of insurance in addition to the insurance policy indicating liability coverage in the amount of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence general aggregate. This certificate must reflect Clayton County Public Schools as the certificate holder and as an additional insured for the duration of the group's use of the facility as specified above. For sports related activities, the certificate must state that no "athletic participants" are excluded on the liability insurance. An insurance agent of your choice can provide this coverage.

Note: The policy number on the certificate of insurance MUST reflect the policy number on the insurance policy provided.


Payment Method

Cashier's check or postal money order are acceptable ways to make payment. Payments should be made payable to Clayton County Public Schools and remitted to the facility being rented. At this time credit card payments and personal checks are not accepted.

Note: If payment is not received 48 hours prior to the event date the contract will be denied.