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Reciprocity is a term commonly used when educators certified in one state or jurisdiction seek certification in another.  Unfortunately, many individuals assume the term guarantees that they will automatically receive a full certificate in the new state without having to satisfy any additional requirements. This is not always the case, since each receiving state may impose special state requirements which must be met within a specified period of time.

Professional Certificate
A professional certificate is defined as one for which the applicant has met all course requirements in the state of issuance.  Requirements of experience and assessment (unless required for a degree) are not included in the definition. (e.g., Some states do not issue a “professional” certificate until the individual has earned five years of acceptable experience on that certificate; if the five years of experience is the only requirement lacking to obtain a “professional” title, Georgia will accept the certificate.)  A letter of eligibility may be substituted for the actual certificate if the transferring state requires employment for issuance.

Special Georgia Requirements
All applicants for certification in Georgia shall satisfy certain Special Georgia Requirements.  These requirements are in the areas of content knowledge; standards of conduct; recency of study; special education; teaching of reading and writing (for specified fields only); and computer skill competency.

Out-of-State Experience Exemption
Veteran out-of-state educators moving into Georgia may be eligible to exempt all Special Georgia Requirements except the Standards of Conduct and Computer Skill Competency.  To be acceptable, the out-of-state experience must be in the same field (subject area) as the certificate being requested.  For example, to exempt the mathematics assessment, the experience must be in teaching mathematics, to exempt the school counseling assessment, the experience must be in school guidance counseling, etc.  The Georgia PSC determines acceptable experience.  Experience as a supply/substitute, paraprofessional or as a member of a board of education does NOT apply toward Special Georgia Requirement exemption.

All teachers new to Clayton County Public Schools will be paid on the provisional bachelor’s level (BT) salary schedule until they receive a valid Georgia teaching certificate.  Once they receive their Georgia certificate, their pay will be adjusted to the correct salary by the Compensation Department.

All-full time teaching experience must be verified for salary purposes.  Clayton County Public Schools Experience Verification form must be used. 

Also, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission Experience Verification Form must be completed for those teachers with more than 3 years of out of state teaching experience.  This form is required for certification purposes.