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Employment/ Salary Verification

Proof of Employment - Salary & Non-Salary

If you are requesting a verification of work history for financing auto, home, rental property, secured or unsecured loans, you may fax your request to Business Services at 770-603-5765 or email Shenita Connally at You will receive a detailed system-generated Verification of Salary or Non-Salary form. Verification of Employment requests are not accepted nor returned via email.

Be sure to include your full name, last four digits of your social security number (only) or employee ID along with the authorizing signature to release information. The turnaround time is within 72 business hours for all requests. 

Still have questions, please email for assistance 

                   **Do not complete this form for Experience Verification or Loan Forgiveness**
                                      **** See below for further instructions****

Experience Verification and Loan Forgiveness

If you are requesting verification of work experience with Clayton County Public Schools or completion of student loan forgiveness form, email your request to for processing.  You will receive an automatic reply as proof of receipt of your email. Documents may also be hand delivered or mailed to 1058 Fifth Ave., Attn: Division of Human Resources - VOE, Jonesboro, GA 30236.

Request will be processed within 7-10 business days.  Processing time may change during peak periods between May-August of each year.

The transfer of any remaining sick leave will be sent to the new school district within 30 days after your separation date with the district.

Be sure to include you full name, address, contract information, and the last four digits of your security number (only) or employee ID along with the authorizing signature to release information.

Experience verification forms will provide information as of the date it is prepared.  If you are requesting an experience verification form before your last day of work, a future end date based on your planned resignation cannot be provided.  If your employment separation date has not occurred, please wait until after your last day of employment to submit an experience verification form.

If you still have questions please email for assistance.