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Employment/ Salary Verification

Salary & Non-Salary Verification of Employment Requests

If you are requesting a verification of work history for financing auto, home, rental property, secured or unsecured loans, you may fax your request to Business Services at 770-603-5765. You will receive a detailed system-generated Verification of Salary or Non-Salary form. Verification of Employment requests are not accepted nor returned via email. Be sure to include full name, last four digits of the social security number or employee ID along with the authorizing signature to release information. The turnaround is within 72 business hours for all requests. 

               **Do not complete this form for Experience Verification or Loan Forgiveness**
                                            ****See below for further instructions****

Verification of Work Experience

Verifications submitted will be completed within 5-7 business days in the order of which they are received. Processing time will change during our peak season.

Request for verifications of work experience should be emailed to  The emilaing of your request allows for you to receive notification that your verification has been received by the district.

Please complete the top portion of your verification in its entirety, along with your signature and date before sending via email or leaving documents at the Central Office. Your signature and date will give authorization for work history information to be released.

Also, indicate a current email address and valid telephone number where you can be reached as your email and/or telephone number will serve as our communication pathway.

Verifications submitted will be completed within 5-7 business days in the order of which they are received.  Please keep in mind that processing time will increases during our peak season.