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Leadership Certification

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) has redesigned its approved college/university Educational Leadership Programs. If you are interesting in a position or role that requires or is enhanced by an advanced Leadership degree, we strongly recommend and encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new Educational Leadership rule, which became effective December 15, 2010. CCPS requires all individuals seeking to hold leadership positions to have passed the GACE Leadership exam prior to approval into the position.

The PSC has also generated a guidance document regarding Payment for Advanced Leadership Degrees in response to the rule, which requires the degree-holder to be employed in a leadership position in order to be paid for an advanced degree in leadership. CCPS, as does the PSC, differentiates between a leadership position and a leadership role.

  • Leadership positions, as determined by the Department of Education, require leadership certification and are those positions in which an individual has authority and supervisory responsibilities. The Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) has defined a Building- Level Leadership position as one that is at the Assistant Principal; or higher level and a District-Level position as an instructional-related position that is compensated at Grade 29 or higher.
  • A leadership role does not require leadership certification and may not require authority or supervisory responsibilities. The Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) has determined a Leadership role to be one that has the responsibility of leading instruction on a systematic, building or group level, including those for which an individual receives supplemental pay. 

The attached Leadership Role and Position chart illustrates the currently-identified positions and roles within the District determined to be at a leadership level.

Criteria for Eligibility for District Support

Individuals who currently hold a leadership position or are in a leadership role as defined by the district above may apply for the PL-6 or PL-7 program by completing an application for the college or university in which they are interested in attending. These partnerships will lead to candidates receiving the PL-6 or PL-7 degree and certification. The PL6/PL7 Degree programs provide a performance-based, advanced degree structure (PSC Rule 505-3-.58), requires a new state content assessment, and a new certificate structure which differentiates between building-level and system-level leadership duties. Upon completion of these performance based programs, the educator will be recommended by the PSC-approved provider for a clear renewable, performance-based leadership (PL) certificate. Here are the criteria for District support:

  • Applicant must hold a clear renewable Georgia certificate at a minimum level 5
  • Applicant must currently hold a leadership position or role as designated by the district.
  • Applicant must have completed a minimum of four years of satisfactory evaluations. 

Application Process

Under the new PSC rules, in order for an individual to enroll in a performance-based leadership certification program at a college or university with a PSC-approved program, there must be a partnership between the individual's employing school system and the university. The school system can only provide support for candidates who are enrolled in a college or university with whom it has a signed Memorandum of Agreement. CCPS is currently partnered with the following universities:

University of West Georgia *

Georgia State University

Mercer University

Clark Atlanta University

Kennesaw University

University of Georgia

Columbus State University

Georgia College and State University

Applicants must meet the entrance requirements of these colleges or universities.Interested candidates should contact the university directly regarding specific application and program requirements.

NOTE: Provision of support by the District or completion of a Performance-Based Leadership program does not guarantee selection into a leadership role or position.

* Please note: Effective August 1, 2012, full-time classroom teachers whoare serving in a District-approved leadership role (see Leadership Position/Role Chart) can be approved for admission to the University of West Georgia for the purpose of completing the Georgia PSC-approved leadershipcertification pre-service courses. They will no longer be able to enter into a Teacher-Leader program cohort,which was previously offered through the University.