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Student Services

The function of Student Services is to the support high performance and engagement among students through:

  • Collaborations and partnerships within the community to identify and intervene early with children and young people who have additional needs or are at risk of disengagement.
  • The development of workforce within schools to meet the needs of children and young people who have additional needs, or are disadvantaged or vulnerable, to enable them to achieve successful education and wellbeing outcomes.
  • The targeted delivery of individual support services to those who require specialized expertise, assessment and intervention in order to overcome barriers to learning.
  • Supports and services geared towards emerging student’s wellbeing needs
  • The targeted and effective response of critical incidents involving students, staff and school communities
  • Facilitated and strengthen partnerships between the services in schools regarding early childhood and post-secondary transition services, community organizations, health, family, mental health and youth services in order to provide greater options and coordinated service provision for children, young people and their families.

The Student Services staff works closely with other community child services agencies, to meet the emotional behavior and social needs of all students through the following departments: