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The  CAB (Caring Adult in the Building) Challenge Program is part of the District’s efforts to foster school connectedness by establishing a formal structure that will ensure that each scholar is connected to a Caring Adult in the Building (CAB). The Cab Challenge is lead by the Department of Student Discipline, Prevention, and Intervention. School connectedness is the belief held by students that the adults and peers in their schools care about their learning as well as about them as individuals (Center for Disease Control- CDC).  At the heart of school connectedness is the healthy relationship developed between staff and scholars. 

This program will afford all CCPS scholars an opportunity to develop a positive relationship with their CAB who will support their educational experience. The success and well-being of scholars are enhanced when educators engage scholars and nurture positive relationships with them. Our scholars deserve to succeed and all adults are responsible for making this a reality. 

A Caring Adult in the Building is critical to building and strengthening scholars’ resilience.
The Administrators will begin the process of connecting  scholars to CABs by administering an  INITIAL STUDENT CAB SURVEY to gather information on who the scholars want to select as their CAB. Scholars will have the option of listing up to three adults. Those scholars who do not select any CAB will have a CAB assigned to them. The parents and  the selected CAB will be notified accordingly.

All members of the School Faculty and Staff, and CoS members are expected to serve as CABs. The CAB will serve as the scholar’s coach and an extra life line in the building. The CAB drives the scholars’ “education  car”  WITH  the scholar by checking in with the scholar at least once a month to offer guidance and support as needed. A CAB Check in Form is provided to guide/document contact with scholars. If you have any questions regarding the CAB process, please contact your schools BIS or Dr. Michele F. Flowers, Coordinating Supervisor, DPI.