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District Appeals
Any party may appeal the decision of the Tribunal to the Board by filing with the Superintendent a written notice of appeal within twenty (20) calendar days of the Tribunal's date of decision.

The appeal must clearly state the Tribunal decision which is being appealed and reasons for challenging the decision of the Tribunal Hearing Panel.

The Superintendent shall have the authority to suspend the decision of the Tribunal pending the outcome of the appeal to the Board.

Upon an appeal of a decision of the Tribunal to the Board, the Board will render its decision within 10 days from the date the Board receives notice of the appeal, excluding weekends, public and legal holidays. The decision shall be in writing and a copy shall be provided to the student/parent/guardian, the Principal, and the Superintendent.

The Board will discuss the appeal in the Executive Session. The parties shall have the right to be represented by legal counsel during the appeal. The Board's review will be based solely on the record and written briefs submitted by the student and the school administration, if briefs are submitted. The Board shall not hear nor shall it consider any evidence that was not presented to the Tribunal.

The Board may take any action it deems appropriate.

Any party may appeal the Board's decision to the State Board of Education pursuant to O.C.G.A. 20-2-1160 (b) through (f). If an appeal to the State Board is requested, a written transcript of the disciplinary hearing will be prepared and submitted to the State Board as provided in this Rule.