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 Supervisor  Dr. Alicia Dunn

Childtec is a Clayton County Public Schools drop-out prevention program. Its goal is to assist teen parents by building self-esteem, improving school attendance and grades lending to graduation. Childtec provides a safe and secure learning environment for infants and toddlers while teen parents complete high school.

General Information and Application

Teen parents must attend a Clayton County Public School. Information about Childtec can be found in the following locations:

  • High School Counselor's Office
  • Clayton County Health Department
  • Clayton County Department of Family and Children Services
  • CCPS Student Enrollment Center

Information required for DFCS:

  • Social Security card for infant/toddler and teen parent
  • Immunization form for infant/toddler
  • If teen parent is employed, four pay stubs are required
  • SSI, Social Security or child support payment must be reported
  • Birth certificates for infant/toddlers and teen parent


  • Qualification Checklist  
  • Childtec Application  

Admittance to Childtec is on the a first-come, first-served basis, determined by the application date. Appointments will be made by Clayton County Department of Family and Children Services after an application is completed and will be scheduled by the Childtec staff.


Childtec was implemented in 2000 as a result of the Clayton County School System's ranking the State's top ten for high school drop outs. Statistics have shown that teen mother who do not return to school after their pregnancy are more likely to have a second child during the teen years. Any Clayton County School student will qualify for Childtec. The following schools have chosen as Childtec school because of transportation and their location to Eula Ponds Perry Learning Center in Jonesboro.

  • Eula Ponds Perry Center
  • Forest Park High School
  • Jonesboro High School
  • Morrow High School
    Mundy's Mill High School


The Clayton County Department of Family and Children Services reimburses the school system for child care and provides transportation.

Infants & Toddlers

Childtec is learning center dedicated to the development of infants and toddlers. Childtec Centers provide a low teacher-to-student ratio. It has been proven that the lower the ratio, the better learning process is for infants and toddlers.

If infants and toddlers feel safe and secure they are less likely to display disruptive behaviors in the learning process in Pre-K or even Kindergarten. Better results in bonding are evident when there is a low teacher-to-child ratio and ensures a better learning environment.
Language is developed by age 2; therefore, Childtec uses the latest proven effective curriculum, High Scope in assisting infants and toddlers in developing to the best of their abilities.


All Childtec staff are under the direction of  the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services. The Childtec Supervisor insures that Childtec meets all Department of Human Resources' Guidelines as well as CCPS Policy and Procedures.

Background checks are are done on all Childtec employees. Training of employees is done on a regular basis to insure the best care for infant and toddlers. Childtec staff are required to have an up-to-date paraprofessional certificate and have completed the Child Development Associate Training. Two CCPS nurses regularly check infants and toddlers to insure their best physical and emotional health as possible.