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Welcome to Registration Central

Before beginning OLR, viewing the video below and reviewing the instructions, required documents, and the registration checklist is important. This will help you to complete OLR successfully the very first time. Are You Ready? Let us Begin!

OLR Parent Tutorial Video in English 


OLR Parent Tutorial Video in Spanish 

OLR Parent Tutorial Video in Vietnamese

After viewing the video tutorial, click on each image below to register your Kindergartener for the 2023-2024 school year.
     2023-2024 Online Application 

                2020 Registration | Minnesota Youth Athletic Services          Student Registration - Banks County School System
   Kindergarten Registration Application
   Click on the Image Below

 Registration | Shamong Township School District

For inquiries regarding elementary school registration, please utilize the contact information in the table below to contact a CCPS District Registrar for assistance. 

      CEPSR Department
District Registrars for Elementary Schools Directory 

District Registrars


Contact Number & Cluster Assignments

Ms. Robin Campbell, Records Clerk Cluster C Support

[email protected]


Cluster C

Ms. Cynthia Harvey, District Registrar

[email protected]


Cluster C

Ms. Jamie Penn-Tillman, District Registrar

[email protected]


Cluster D

Ms. Marisol Diaz, District Registrar

[email protected]


Cluster B

Ms. Antoinette Scandrett, District Registrar

[email protected]

470-249-6229 Cluster A
Ms. Bahyanna Russell, District Registrar Support
[email protected]

470-409-1992 Cluster A 

Ms. Pamela Tate, District Registrar

[email protected]

  Cluster D

Ms. Janet Edwards, District Registrar

[email protected]

470-432-5124 Cluster B

For Middle & High Schools, please contact your zone school directly for new student registration support and assistance with application inquiries.
If additional support is needed for families experiencing Hardships of Homelessness or transitioning from home to home, please contact our Homeless Education/Children in Transitions Department, [email protected]